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company secretory for comapany registration
Listed companies compliances

All compliances related to Listed companies as per Companies Act, 2013, Listing Obligation and Disclosure requirements as per SEBI.

ROC compliance service and company reorganization service
ROC Compliance

All compliances related to Companies Act, 2013 for all types of companies.

company law and organization restructuring
Company registration

We register your business ideas to a legal entity of all kinds (Pvt Ltd, LLP, NBFC, Chit fund, Section 8, Producer companies)

service tax managment practice
Secretarial services.

All services related to Companies Act, 2013, RBI, FEMA etc….

About Us

 deepak sadhu and co company secretry practice in Bangalore


To be among the few CS firms in providing a holistic approach towards Good Corporate Governance and be a BRAND in the world of 'COMPANY SECRETARIES'.


To provide professional services to all Prospects / Clients by creating delightful experience & best services with long term value creation.